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All clipping services include a full hydrobath:

  •    Hygiene clip – under the tail and tummy area
           (prevents dags & your pet will be more comfortable)
  •    “Neaten up” – face, feet, under the tail & the tummy
  •    Full body clip
  •    Scissoring eg face, tail
  •    Maintenance
Clipping & Grooming

Our service provides utility clipping to our long and medium
haired friends.  You won't find painted nails and bows with us,
but you will get a neat and tidy trim up for a reasonable fee.  

For many pets, clipping can be a slightly scary experience, so
we take the time to comfort, soothe and reward your pet to
ensure they are happy with the whole process.  

All our clients are treated to a bath before we go, so you can
enjoy a clean, tidy, fresh smelling pet to cuddle.
To make a booking or enquire further about how we can help you please Contact Us

Or Call 0412 771 392
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