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Did you know?
A pair of fleas on your dog can lay up to 50 eggs a day and up to
2000 eggs in their lifetime?  

The Welsh Corgi (Pembroke) is a cattle dog?

Research has shown owning a pet reduces the risk of heart disease and lowers
blood pressure?

Regular combing, or brushing, will remove loose or matted hair and help keep the skin free of diseases and parasites
such as fleas?

That dermatitis is not only a human ailment but can also be suffered by dogs and cats?  We have special treatment
shampoos to assist with this condition in our

That Hookworm can infest your pet by penetrating the skin eg. through the feet?  Your dog and cat should be treated
for possible worm infestation every 3 months. (available from Janelle’s Mobile Pet Service).

The normal body temperature for a bird is 41 degrees centigrade?

The toxin produced in the glands on the neck of the toad is a very potent cardiac (heart) toxin?    If your dog or cat
has mouthed a toad their mouth should be immediately flushed out with running water to remove the toxin from the
gums and lips.  If the animal continues to salivate profusely or collapses, it should be taken to a veterinarian.

That 1 tsp salt to 500 mls water is a good antiseptic to use when cleaning a wound on your pet?

The normal temperature for a cat is 38.0 – 38.5 degrees C?

That a 1 kg block of chocolate has been reported to kill a 10 kg dog?  Signs of chocolate poisoning are restlessness,
agitation, vomiting, fast heart rate, fast breathing, seizures and death from heart failure.

The normal pulse rate for a cat is about 110 – 180 beats per minute?

That you, your dog and cat can become infested with tapeworm by fleas?  Fleas are a carrier host of Tapeworm.
Another reason to keep your pets free of fleas.  Flea rinse & treatments available from Janelle’s Mobile Pet Service.

That humans can be infected by heart worm too?  Only, while they grow and eventually block the blood vessels in the
heart of a dog or cat, they just die off in the human body as our immune system recognizes them and kills them.

The normal temperature for a dog is 38.3 – 38.7 degrees C?
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