•    Hygiene clip – under the tail and tummy area
(prevents dags & your pet will be more comfortable)
  •    “Neaten up” – face, feet, under the tail & the tummy
  •     Full body clip
  •     Scissoring eg face, tail
  •     Maintenance
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Home Pet Care

We know  many  people feel  guilty  leaving  their pets  to  take
much needed rest and relaxation time.   Adding to that guilt is  
often  the  separation  anxiety  of  leaving your  pet  in  cold
concrete runs and steel wire facilities  we’ve  traditionally had
to use.    So  that’s  why  we  offer  to  care  for  your  pet in the
comfort  of  their  own  home.  They’ll still miss you, but we’ll be
right there to support them with  cuddles  and play,  and  make
sure they’re OK until you get back.  And no one will even know
you’re gone,  when  we  collect  your mail, water the plants and
put the bins out and in!
Pets we Care For:
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Reptiles
  • Birds – Your place or mine
  • Mice & Rats – your place or mine
  • Hobby Farms – Horses, cows, pigs, sheep & poultry
  • Or surprise me?
A Typical Visit:

Your Feline Friend:
 Arrive and collect the mail, spot check for anything unusual
outside the home, Greet and play.  Refresh the water, feed them and clear the
litter box.  A quick check around to ensure everything’s ok. Water the plants, feed
the goldfish and with a last cuddle, we’re on our way.

Your Canine Companion:
Greet with lots of pats and play – fetch or favourite toy.  Refresh the water, feed
them, and give any medications.  Remove the poos.  We can even take ‘Rover’ for
a walk if you like. Collect the mail and bring the bin in.

Qualified carer (Certificate III in Companion Animal Services)
Police clearance
Visits once or twice daily
Feed & water (you provide the food)
Administer medications if needed
Cleaning cages, litter boxes etc as required
Disposal of animals waste
Play & cuddles
Collect mail, including newspapers & junk mail
Water plants
Lights on & off, curtains opened & closed
Wheelie bins out and in on collection day
General security check
Walking  (extra charge)
Individual needs catered for
Boarding of caged pets, such as birds, mice & rats, available
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